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Tactic Vapor Approach Disc 4|2|0|4 Eagle McMahon Razor Claw 2

Tactic Vapor Approach Disc 4|2|0|4 Eagle McMahon Razor Claw 2

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Speed: 4 Glide: 2 Turn: 0 Fade: 4

Eagle McMahon's popular Razor Claws are back, and this time they pack even more punch than in the past!

The Razor Claw 2 is a new, retooled version of the popular Tactic approach disc. This mold has been adjusted to offer more overstability to answer to Eagle McMahon's high performance needs. The Razor Claw Tactic is introduced as a separate mold in our line up, exclusively reserved for Eagle McMahon's signature releases, while the stock Exo material Tactics will continue to be offered in the original Tactic mold.

Those familiar with the Razor Claw 1's will notice that these discs feature even less glide than the original Tactic mold and boast a more aggressive fade in low speeds. The Razor Claw Tactic is a true tactical weapon for windy days and situations when absolute reliability is required. Great for both sidearm and backhand, thanks to it's ergonomic low profile and grippy Vapor plastic. 

Support Eagle McMahon on tour by picking up the RC2!

The colour scheme on each disc will vary in terms of swirl variety, colour, and swirl placement.

"The Razor Claw 2 is an amazing all-around approach utility disc."
-Eagle McMahon

About Vapor plastic: We reinvented the way we look at the swirl game. All players are different and we wanted your disc to be as unique as they are. Vapor plastic has a very durable and grippy composition while the added benefit of swirls give each disc a one of a kind experience. Swirls of each disc will vary in terms of swirl variety, color, and swirl placement.

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