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Stiff P-Line P1 Putter 2|3|0|0 ADG Star

Stiff P-Line P1 Putter 2|3|0|0 ADG Star

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Speed: 2 Glide: 3 Turn: 0 Fade: 0

The Discmania P1's flight characteristics is very straight both at low and high speeds. The P1 is ideal for a putter and it works great as an approach disc. P-line plastic is very soft and rubbery giving you a great fingertip touch. This is one of the truest flying putters out there.


Great feel and added glide. Easily one of the grippiest plastic type out there. Reveals new features in your disc when worn down. Typically a bit more understable plastic type comparing to S- and C-line. Please note: P-line putters (P1 & P2) have their own blend of P-line plastic. The P-line P1 is features a soft & grippy blend of plastic, while the P-line P2 comes with very firm plastic blend that many Pro players prefer for their putters.

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