Sail SP Line Distance Driver 11|5|-5|1

$ 17.99
Weight Color/Stamp:

Speed: 11 Glide: 5 Turn: -5 Fade: 1

The DGA Sail distance driver is a very controllable distance driver that is great for all levels of play. The Sail with its understable flight characteristics is perfect for slower arm speeds looking for a long range distance driver. Players with faster arm speeds will have fun launching this disc into huge anhyzers and turn over shots. This DGA distance driver lives up to its name and produces effortless glide allowing players max distance and control. The sail is great for tough drives through tight wooded conditions that need distance and finesse.

The DGA Sail is a controllable distance driver that has understable characteristics and is great for all levels of play. The Sail in SP Line Plastic will act more over stable than the ProLine version. The SP Line sail will take a little more time to beat in, but will last a life time in DGA’s durable SP Plastic.

  • Understable distance driver
  • Great for all skill levels
  • Incredible glide

RIM WIDTH: 1.9 cm
RIM DEPTH: 1.1 cm
WEIGHTS: 150 - 174 gr

Sail Distance Driver Flight Path

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