Color Glow C-Line P2 Pro Putter 2|3|0|2 Simon Lizotte Sky God III

$ 23.99

Speed: 2 Glide: 3 Turn: 0 Fade: 2

All good sagas throughout the ages are never complete without a trilogy. We were graced by the Sky God C-Line P2 at the beginning of time, the Sky God II emerged in luxurious swirl S-Line plastic, now a new phenomenon takes the throne to bring the quest to a close.

Sky God III has been molded into our fan favorite Color Glow C-Line plastic. Players will enjoy the same flight and feel of our premium plastic P2 and welcome the addition of a putter with more grip to the plastic, as all color glow runs do. Simon’s latest creation of the Sky God will have a notch more stability than our previous run of Swirl plastic yet offers the familiar P2 glide while maintaining excellent torque resistance.

About the P2: The P2 is hands-down our number one best selling putter of all time. Numerous sponsored pros trust the P2 for the most important shot of the game, the putt. Although most players will prefer to use this as a throwing putter for up shots and off the tee, you may find that you enjoy putting with these as well. 

Pro tip: The majority of this run is very flat or even slightly puddle topped. This will surely become a fan favorite due to its overstable flight and rare profile.

Good for: Putting, approaches, drives, for all skill levels.

Simon Lizotte:
”The P2 has been with me for eight years now. No matter what plastic. No matter for drives, upshots or putts. I put all my trust into these and they give me the confidence I need on the putting green.”

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