Glow Metal Flake C-Line MD3 Midrange Driver 5|5|0|3 Eagle McMahon Iron Samurai

$ 24.99

Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 3

Those who learn discipline learn a deadly skill, and none were more disciplined or deadly than the legendary samurai. Eagle’s deadly precision and discipline on the course has given way for his all new Glow Metal Flake C-Line MD3, The Iron Samurai.

Eagle’s new signature series Glow Metal Flake C-Line MD3 has enough stability to make this an extremely reliable midrange. The Iron Samurai has a stable flight meaning it’ll fly down the fairway straight with a trusted fade at the end. Players who throw harder will see a slight turn but won’t experience a full turnover on this disc. The Glow Metal Flake plastic has a slight give in the flight plate allowing for players to maintain a good grip on the disc while still featuring rigidity in the rim so you can trust that you’ll get a consistently good feel in the hand every time.

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