Champion Katana Distance Driver 13|5|-2|3

$ 15.99 $ 16.99
Weight Color/Stamp:

Speed: 13 Glide: 5 Turn: -2 Fade: 3

The Katana is built with the finesse thrower in mind. Recommended downwind driver. Hit the angle right and watch it bolt out of sight. The physical characteristics resemble a Boss with the flight characteristics of a Sidewinder on steroids. Master the technique of Katana and rule the course. Champion Katanas have slightly different flight characteristics at [13|5|-2|3].

Diameter: 21.2 cm
Rim Width: 2.5 cm
Available Plastics:
Star: 160-175g
GStar: 160-175g
EchoStar: 165-175g
Champion: 165-175g
Blizzard: 130-159g
Glow Champion: 170-175g
Metal Flake: 165-175g
Pro: 165-175g
DX: 150-175g
Best Choice for: Fast, long, easy distance off the tee, Huge turnover shots, Tailwind drives
Date of Approval: 10/18/09

Katana Flight Path

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