Prodigy Ace Line

F Model S BaseGrip Glow Fairway Driver 10|5|-1|3

$ 14.49
Weight Color/Stamp:

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SPEED: 10 | GLIDE: 5 | TURN: -1 | FADE: 3

The F Model S has a stable flight and is ready to navigate any fairway with pinpoint accuracy and incredible control. This disc will be perfect for learning how to throw hyzerflip shots that fly straight as an arrow.

Thrown hard with a slight hyzer angle, the disc will pop up to flat and ride straight with a mild fade. Players can also get a slight turn by throwing it flat. Just pick your line and hit the target.

F Model discs are a great introduction into “drivers.” They’re made for controlled, accurate shots at a long distance and have a smaller rim for a comfortable grip.

Our BaseGrip plastic offers a tactile feel for a sure grip every time you reach for it. It finds a great balance between stiffness and the ability to wear-in to perfection. BaseGrip plastic provides a cost-effective option without sacrificing on quality and performance in all weather conditions.

Diameter: 21.3cm
Height: 1.4cm
Rim Depth: 1.1cm
Rim Width: 2.0cm
Min Weight: 170 g
Max Weight: 176 g
Stability: Stable


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