750 Spectrum PA-4 Putter 3|3|-1|1 Matt Orum Signature Series

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Speed: 3 Glide: 3 Turn: -1 Fade: 1

An avid University of Alabama football fan, Matt Orum knows a thing or two about Southern tradition. One of the lesser known ones is watching Matty O lace lines through the woods -- at least, we think so. Regardless, if you catch the multi-time podium finisher at Worlds and Southern Nationals champion with a putter in his hand, you’re about to witness a shot sweeter than a tall glass of iced tea. Those smooth lines don’t come easy, and Matt has chosen the PA-4 in 750 Spectrum as his Special Edition Signature Series disc to help get it done. His stamp also lends an homage to his father, Jim, who passed away earlier this year. Support Matt directly with one of his Signature PA-4s.

The Prodigy Disc PA-4 is an understable Putt & Approach disc. It is designed for all players and skill levels. The PA-4 will turn up when thrown hard and will then have a long glide and gentle turning finish.

750 Plastic is similar in grip and texture to our 400 series but with a firmer feel. This high-tech blend of premium resins will provide outstanding performance and predictability. This plastic is extremely durable.

Diameter: 21.0cm
Height: 1.9cm
Rim Depth: 1.4cm
Rim Width: 1.0cm
Min Weight: 170g
Max Weight: 174g
Stability: Understable

PA Series Flight Path

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