VRoc3 GStar Midrange 5|4|0|2 2015 Presidents Cup

$ 34.99 $ 40

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The GStar VRoc3 has excellent grip and is a great choice alongside the Champion VRoc3. The battle of the lions has begun! Which side do you choose? The GStar VRoc3 is very close to the Champion VRoc3, but its trajectory is even more neutral. You can throw this disc hard without fear of overturning it. As the pace slows down, the GStar VRoc3 has a subtle, forward-looking fade. The disc stamp is designed by world-famous frisbee golf artist Skeet Scienski. An excellent choice for both bags and collectibles! 

VRoc3 is a new generation Roc with Innova's new Convex Tech technology. Unlike traditional Rocs, the VRoc has a convex bottom and a middle bead. Thanks to this design, these Rocs fly more stably even at higher speeds and have the most neutral, forward-sliding fade. VRoc3 is dedicated to the fundraising of the European Open, which means that there will be no large-scale release of this model.

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